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Admistrator's Message


Dear Parents.

                    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering KVMT College as the dream destination to nurture and shape the future of your children. It gives me immense pleasure to share my views regarding the unmatched commitment and initiative of the college towards building a better India for tomorrow. enriching the youth who is the pillar of growth and development. The students today are competing amid a rapidly changing environment. with the focus to harness their potential and talent in the best manner. In such a scenario, simply limiting themselves within the curriculum is not enough. At KVMT College, we provide both world-class education and cutting-edge skins to ensure that they stand out in competition, emerging as dynamic entrepreneurs and engineers of tomorrow. Our dream is to nurture the talent Of our students amid an abyss of knowledge, providing a learning environment for harnessing creativity and innovation _ At KVMT. we offer a professional degree in graduate courses, including Mechanical Engineering. Civil Engineering, Computer Science Mining Engineering Plus Diploma in Pharmacy and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. All the courses are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (ACTE).

                    Our course curriculum is of the highest standard that meets global needs, facilitating lucrative opportunities for collaborative studies abroad. The curriculum is designed to provide a unique opportunity to the students to gain in-depth insight into a subject that really interests them and are highly valued to earn a lucrative career. At the same time, our academic curriculum is complemented with extensive programs that are designed to improve practical skills and gain professional competence in the field of study. Thus, we implement rigorous academic programs With corporate training to help the students have a better grasp Of the subject. Consult with Our team of experts to decide on the course that is right for your children, who will take you in the right direction to help achieve the goals Of young aspirants. As a member Of the Advisory Board, I commit that KVMT College will make every effort in emerging as a top-notch technology institution that meets global standards. We embrace the latest teaching methodologies and Current pedagogic aids, looking to develop the students with practical. analytical, creative, and problem-solving strengths. Let's come together to motivate and inspire our children towards emerging as responsible human beings, with quality education and values that make a radical difference to society. All the best.

D.P. Godara

Chief Engg. (Retd.)
B.Sc. Engg. M.Tech. (Civil), FIE (India)
Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh